Application of an Auto Tune PID Temperature Controller in Diverse Industries

The need for temperature control is felt actively in many diverse industries and so digital temperature controllers were long in use. However, with the advancement of technology an advanced PID temperature controller is much in demand for industrial usage. These controllers exhibit excellent auto tune function and hence are called popularly as Auto Tune PID Temperature controller. These are mostly positioned in the easily accessible place so that an operator does not find any problem in frequently accessing the Auto Tune PID Temperature controller.


In India, many companies engaged in manufacturing industrial automation products offer Auto Tune Temperature controller with high functionality. An Active Automation System is one such marvelous manufacturer cum exporter of Auto Tune PID Temperature controller based in Gujarat, India. The typical application of an Auto Tune PID Temperature controller in diverse industries is specified below.

  • Iron and Steel Industry – Such industries have a constant use of furnaces, boilers, ceramic kilns to carry out the day to day operations. Hence, Auto Tune PID Temperature controller is used in such industries to keep constant the high temperature of the above one in order to complete a production or manufacturing line.
  • Packaging Industry – There are many items widely used in the packaging industry like glue, adhesive, seal bars, label applications that require optimal temperature maintenance for a good performance. An Auto Tune PID Temperature controller automatically selects the parameters for an excellent temperature control and seldom needs any kind of re-tuning that speaks volume of its efficiency in ensuring a desired temperature for a long time effortlessly.
  • Plastics Industries – The plastic manufacturing industry relies heavily on such temperature controllers with advanced features as chillers, dryers, etc are quite common in such an industry and temperature control is an absolute necessity for successful plastic production.
    Healthcare Industries – Temperature of a laboratory environment needs accurate temperature control and the same is true for blood banks also. Thus, temperature controller with an auto tune PID is widely used across the healthcare industry.
  • Food and Beverage Industries – We know cooking and baking are best done at some set temperature and so PID temperature controller with auto tune is used in the food and beverage industry for many processes like brewing, sterilization, etc.

Thus, an Auto Tune PID Temperature Controller India enjoys a wide application and is indispensible to many important industries. Some companies also offer customized temperature controller to their clients.


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